All those photos of people wearing Vision Pro? Apple cropped out a key part.


    Apple Vision Pro Eyesight 3


    • Apple took photos of journalists wearing the Apple Vision Pro and cropped out the battery pack.
    • Members of the press weren’t allowed to take their own photos of the headset.

    Apple recently allowed select members of the press to try the Vision Pro headset ahead of its release on February 2. It turns out, however, that pictures of people wearing the headset omitted a key feature.

    Wired reports that pictures showing various journalists wearing the Vision Pro headset were taken by Apple’s own photographers. Journalists weren’t allowed to take their own photos of the headset.

    It would appear there’s a specific reason for this, as Apple cropped the external battery pack out of all these photos. Check out a few of the images below, via The Verge, Engadget, and Wired, respectively.

    Apple is clearly trying to position the Vision Pro as a seamless, sleek experience by omitting the battery pack in these images. But it does seem like a very sketchy thing to do, suggesting the device is more streamlined than it really is.

    Then again, the battery pack doesn’t seem to be large at all. The pack can even fit into a pants pocket. So it seems like the company might be creating a problem of its own by cropping it out in the first place instead of acknowledging it.


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