Android 15: Which Samsung Phones Will be Updated to One UI 7?


    With the Android 14 rollout going smoothly, and with a clear update policy for its phones and tablets, we have a pretty good idea of which Samsung phones and tablets will receive the next major operating system from Google. Keep reading to find out if you Galaxy phone or tablet will be updated to Android 15 with One UI 5.

    In the past two years, Samsung managed to update basically all of its supported flagship and mid-range phones before the end of the year. only falling behind Google’s instantaneous update for all of its Pixel models. Truth be told, both Android 13 and 14 were relatively small updates compared to the revamp brought with Android 12.

    Independently of how big the past Android updates were, as of writing this list, many Android brands haven’t even begun their Android 14 rollouts, and most are not even halfway through their phone lineup.

    With most recent Samsung Galaxy models having a clear update policy announced during their launch, it is a rather straightforward math exercise to know which phones will be upgraded to Android 15. As the new system gets a stable release, the South Korean company should then release its usual schedule, which we will then add to this article.

    Table of Contents:

    Galaxy A series Android 15 update

    nextpit editor holding the Samsung Galaxy A54
    The A54 launched with Android 13, and is expected to receive up to Android 17. / © nextpit

    Galaxy S series Android 15 update

    NextPit's editor surfing on the Galaxy S23 Ultra device
    There is still a lot of fuel on the Galaxy S23 Ultra update tank. / © FrankBoston / Adobe Stock, nextpit

    Galaxy Z series Android 15 update

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 review
    The Galaxy Z Flip 5 should also be supported all the way up to Android 17. / © nextpit

    Galaxy M series Android 15 update

    Galaxy M14 / F14
    Galaxy M34 5G
    Galaxy M54 / F54

    Galaxy XCover series Android 15 update

    Galaxy XCover 6 Pro with back cover and battery removed
    The rugged Galaxy XCover 6 Pro is covered by the same update policy as the flagship Galaxy S family. / © nextpit

    Galaxy Tab series Android 15 update

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
    The (literally) big Galaxy Tab S9 family should receive Android 15 before the end of 2024. / © nextpit

    Besides the models listed above, all models released throughout 2024 should also be elegible to the Android 15 upgrade, including the entry-level models announced in the first week of the year—Galaxy A05s, A15, and A25.

    As in the past few years, we expect to see Samsung confirm its list of Galaxy phones and tablets elegible to the Android 15 update as soon as it starts updating the first model. The list is traditionally shared on the Samsung Members app with the expected timeframe for the update on the phone’s market. When that happens, we will update this list to follow the rollout, so be sure to bookmark this page and follow us on social media.

    Comment below if we forgot an specific model, and share what you want to see in the next Android+One UI update. Do you also think the past updates were rather small? Share your thoughts below.


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