Firefox for Android won’t be getting a tablet optimized UI anytime soon


    Google Chrome might be the preferred tablet for many Android users. Users who don’t really appreciate Google tracking them and collecting their data might opt for alternatives, such as Mozilla Firefox. Unfortunately, Firefox for Android tablet hardly offers the best experience due to the lack of an optimized UI.

    The bad news is that it does not appear to be changing anytime soon. User abhaykcoc made a post on Reddit in which they discovered a comment left by Firefox’s developers in the review section of the Play Store.

    In response, the developer replied by saying, “The Firefox for Android team would love to invest more in optimizing the browser for tablet devices. At this time, however, the team’s focus is directed towards higher priority items on the product roadmap. We do hope to revist this with time and resources permitting.”

    This suggests that an optimized tablet UI for Firefox on Android is a low priority at this point in time. This doesn’t imply that the developer is entirely against the idea; rather, users shouldn’t anticipate these changes to happen too soon.

    There is some hope, though. A comment left by another Firefox developer on the Bugzilla forums suggests that users can expect “robust tablet behavior” in H1 2024.


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