Fitbit: Everything is normal, have some free SoulCycle classes on us!


    What you need to know

    • Google and SoulCycle have teamed up for a promotional partnership.
    • The week of 1/22, wear a Pixel Watch or Fitbit to a SoulCycle class to get two free classes.
    • The week of 1/29, attend any SoulCycle class for the chance to win a free Fitbit Charge 6 or discounted Pixel Watch 2. 
    • The entire Fitbit leadership team, including its co-founders, left Google last week. 

    If you own a Pixel Watch or any Fitbit model, you can get credit for two free SoulCycle classes anytime between January 22 and 28. Or, if you don’t own a Fitbit but do love SoulCycle classes, you’ll have the opportunity to get a free (or discounted) Fitbit Charge 6 if you attend class between January 29 and February 4. 

    It’s an exciting promotion for Fitbit fans at a time when the brand itself is in disarray.


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