Google adds a simpler sharing option to its Workspace apps


    What you need to know

    • Google is enhancing real-time collaboration in Docs, Sheets, and Slides by streamlining the document-sharing process.
    • Instead of a full-screen pop-up, the “Share” button now features a dropdown menu for quick actions like “pending access requests” and “Copy link.”
    • Google Drive is introducing timestamped links for specific parts of a video, which comes in handy for internal use in companies and schools.

    Sharing just got a makeover in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings. Say goodbye to the pop-up page taking over your screen as Google introduces a new dropdown menu that lets you share documents with ease.

    Google Docs and its siblings under the Workspace family are some of the go-to solutions for getting work done online for many people. They’re super handy because they let you team up on projects and easily share them with your colleagues. Once a document is out there, everyone can jump in at the same time, making it a real-time party of adding, editing, and updating.

    Currently, when you hit the “Share” button in those Workspace apps, a full-screen pop-up takes over to let you choose with whom to share a certain document and adjust access to it.

    google docs dropdown option on the sharing button

    (Image credit: Google)

    Now, Google is giving it a makeover with a new dropdown menu that’ll give you speedy options, like checking out “pending access requests” or just straight-up copying the link. And, of course, Google will inform you about who’s got permission to open that link.


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