Google Chrome could start reading to you in custom tabs


    What you need to know

    • Chrome Canary for Android shows signs of a new “Read Aloud” function for the browser’s “custom tabs” present in apps like X (formerly Twitter).
    • Users will find options similar to Google Assistant’s, such as playback, speed, voice, and text highlight controls.
    • Another flag in the code suggests a “history” could arrive for custom tabs, giving users an easier experience when it comes to rediscovering sites visited.

    Google appears to be developing a new reading function for its Chrome browser on Android devices.

    According to Leopeva64 on X, Chrome Canary on Android features a new chrome://flags/#read-aloud-in-cct flag that adds a new menu to custom tabs (via Android Police). The menu contains a “Listen to this page” option, which enables the Chrome browser that appears in apps like X (formerly Twitter) to read to users audibly.


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