Google warms up to more gambling apps on the Play Store


    What you need to know

    • Google will expand its support of real-money gaming apps in June 2024 for developers in India, Mexico, and Brazil on the Play Store
    • The Play Store’s expansion means developers can provide more RMG apps in the countries above, alongside a strong set of rules.
    • Google states it will continue to uphold age-restriction and geo-gating policies while working to make them stronger moving forward.

    Google has announced its “new approach” behind real-money gaming (RMG) apps on the Play Store. According to Android Developers, the company will bring expanded RMG support in June for developers in Mexico, India, and Brazil. Such support will include offering more RMG apps (including game types) and operators “not covered by an existing licensing framework” in 2024.

    Google’s RMG support page currently states it supports Online Casino games, Sports Betting, Horse Racing (where regulated), Lotteries, and Daily Fantasy Sports.


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