Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify snub Apple’s vision of VR


    What you need to know

    • Apple Vision Pro users won’t find apps for YouTube, Netflix, or Spotify running in VR “any time soon.”
    • Some companies will block their iPad apps from running on Vision Pro, citing that a Safari browser can still be used to stream content.
    • Disney Plus seems to be offering the most content at launch, including over 150 3D movies in its native Vision Pro app.

    Netflix and YouTube are snubbing the Apple Vision Pro as it launches in a few weeks, telling Walter Bloomberg that there are “no plans to offer apps for Apple Vision Pro.” Spotify is also withholding app development for the spatial computing headset for the time being.

    What’s more, all three companies are actively blocking existing iOS apps for their respective services from running on Vision Pro. Vision Pro’s operating system is built to run iOS apps natively in a virtual floating window, so native apps don’t necessarily have to be built for the headset.


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