Samsung promises seven years of updates for its Galaxy S24 series


    Google surprised everyone when they announced that the Pixel 8 would receive seven years worth of updates. A recent report indicated that Samsung will do the same for their Galaxy S24 lineup, and sure enough they have. The company has announced that its Galaxy S24 series will be getting seven years of OS and security updates.

    Samsung had previously extended its software support to five years. This includes four generations worth of One UI updates and five years of security updates. It is unclear if these seven years will include seven years of OS updates or if Samsung will adopt a similar approach. This means that the Galaxy S24 phones could get four years of OS updates and seven years of security updates in total.

    In any case, it’s still a good thing. There are numerous exploits and malware out there in the wild, so to offer extended support for the Galaxy S24 lineup will help keep those devices safe for a longer period of time. We doubt many users hold onto their phones for seven years, but it’s nice to know that Samsung won’t be so quick to abandon its devices.

    By extending software support to its Galaxy S24 phones could also give Apple users a reason to jump ship. Apple used to be the king when it came to extended software support. Now with Google and Samsung offering similar support, it might tempt some iPhone users to switch to Android.


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