The LG Signature OLED T transparent TV needs to be in your living room now


    One of the things we look forward to every year at CES would be the new display technologies we get from companies like LG and Samsung. Both of these South Korean tech giants are at the forefront of display tech and this year is no different. At CES 2024, LG has announced the LG Signature OLED T transparent TV.

    This transparent OLED TV represents a significant departure from our traditional expectations of TV design. The concept LG has imagined makes the entire device a piece of furniture by itself, with some shelving units to display things or maybe put a wireless speaker on.

    One of the interesting features of the LG Signature OLED T is how LG has actually included a rollable piece of opaque film. LG calls this a “contrast screen”. It is used to help provide a slightly more traditional TV experience or in case you want to make the colors on the display pop more. Users can choose to roll it back down if they want the fully transparent look.

    The TV will feature the use of the Alpha 11 AI Processor and will run on the latest version of webOS. LG has not announced how much the TV will cost or when it will be available, but it probably won’t come cheap. LG’s announcement is also interesting because at CES, Samsung has unveiled their own transparent micro LED display, so it looks like transparent displays are the in-thing for this year.


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