These Galaxy S24 camera features will be coming to older phones


    When new phones are announced, companies also announce new features. Some of these new features are pretty cool, but then we have to wonder, do we need to buy these new phones to get these features? Luckily, if you’re not planning on upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S24, it looks like some of the new camera features will be coming to older Galaxy handsets.

    Samsung has posted a list of camera features on the South Korea Community Forum that will be making its way to older Galaxy phones and tablets. This includes the ability to turn Motion Photos frames into 12MP images or long exposures. It also brings continuity support for the Samsung Studio video editor, so you can edit on one device and pick it up on another.

    Samsung is also bringing improved image and video quality to social media apps. This means if you use an app like Instagram to take photos or videos, you can upload them in Super HDR quality. Another Galaxy S24 camera feature coming to older devices include the improved Single Take, along with an AI feature that lets you colorize monochrome images.

    Not all of the Galaxy S24 camera features made the cut when it comes to porting it to older devices. We’re not sure if this is due to hardware limitations, or if Samsung just wants to keep some of those features exclusive. Either way, something is better than nothing so keep an eye out for future updates!


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