Volkswagen is bringing ChatGPT into its vehicles


    Our cars have evolved to being more than just mere vehicles. While their core purpose is still to transport us from one location to another, automotive makers have been including features to take the driving experience to the next level. Volkswagen is one of them, and at CES 2024, the company announced the integration of ChatGPT for some of its models.

    Currently, some of Volkswagen’s vehicles feature voice control powered by the IDA voice assistant. This allows users to control things like navigation, air conditioning, or general questions. According to Volkswagen, the integration of ChatGPT means that these queries can be taken even further.

    “In the future, AI will provide additional information in response to questions that go beyond this as part of its continuously expanding capabilities. This can be helpful on many levels during a car journey: Enriching conversations, clearing up questions, interacting in intuitive language, receiving vehicle-specific information, and much more – purely hands-free.”

    Volkswagen Golf ChatGPT

    This feels pretty cool because the current design of infotainment systems honestly seems kind of dangerous. Trying to navigate your way via a touchscreen while driving seems quite reckless, so having an AI-powered assistant that can better understand your queries and provide greater context could result in a safer driving experience.

    Volkswagen reassures customers that the integration of ChatGPT changes nothing for the driver, meaning that they can keep driving and operating their car like they normally do. It’s just going to be a better experience. The company also claims that ChatGPT won’t access vehicle data and will delete questions and answers immediately.

    The Volkswagen models that will be getting ChatGPT integration include the ID.7, ID.4, ID.5, ID.3, the all-new Tiguan, and the all-new Passat, and the new Golf.


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