X (Twitter) users on Android can finally Voice and Video each other


    What you need to know

    • X (Twitter) is now rolling out voice and video calls to Android users and states users must update the app first to try them out.
    • Premium X users have the privilege of outgoing voice and video calls while anyone on the platform can receive them.
    • X provides security options for users to decide who can call them alongside an “Enhanced call privacy” option to mask your IP address.

    Social media platform X (formerly Twitter) finally brought a useful communication tool to Android users after iOS picked it up in 2023.

    According to Enrique, a developer at X, the platform is now rolling out Voice and Video calls for Android users (via GSMArena). All users can receive calls, however, Premium X users are the only ones who can start a call with another person. Users are instructed to update the X app via the Google Play Store before seeing the latest features.


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