You can help Google with its latest Fitbit study on metabolic health


    What you need to know

    • Google’s latest health study analyzes metabolic health, and the factors that make for a healthy metabolism. 
    • People can help contribute to the study by sharing their Fitbit and Pixel Watch health data.
    • The study goes beyond the screens: participants need to give their blood to Quest Diagnostics to be included. 

    Google’s latest health study for Pixel Watch and Fitbit users aims to uncover the causes of good metabolic health, and users can participate. It’s officially called the WEAR-ME study and is being conducted with Quest Diagnostics, a medical diagnostic giant. The latter company is necessary because participants will need to provide a blood sample to be included in the study. 

    In a press release, Google explains that lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and sleep can affect a person’s metabolism. Fitness trackers, such as Fitbit wearables and Pixel Watch smartwatches, are uniquely positioned to provide insight into those factors. 


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